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Quote Challenge Day II

3 day quote challenge day II It’s a new day.  Hi you ^.^ I always feel fresh and happy about the thought of one more day (except sometimes I wish I didn’t have to go for work). Today is the second day of 3 day quote challenge and I am delighted to say that today… Read More Quote Challenge Day II

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3 Day Quotes Challenge Day I

 The three–day quotes challenge Every now and then I find myself referring to  different quotes. We love quotes, don’t we? It makes it easier to convey our points with the words of someone who has been there, done that and said something about it.  Yesterday Samantha from Dictionary Dutch nominated me for the famous 3-day-quote-challenge.… Read More 3 Day Quotes Challenge Day I

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New to Blogging? Here’s few things you must remember

Blogging is a mammoth. More than 1.7 Million blogs are being created everyday. So that means by the time I am done writing this post around 7 thousand blogs will be born. 7 Thousand baby blogs in half an hour & more than 1.7 million in a day. That is a huge amount! This amount is only… Read More New to Blogging? Here’s few things you must remember

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“A New FRIEND” Weekly Column by Kaushal Bhatt

“A New Friend” is a new fun weekly column by our fellow blogger – Kaushal Bhatt. Blogging is versatile. It has many perks and one such perk is “meeting new people and be able to read their thoughts” & in the long-term some even become your constant companions in the blogosphere. Communication becomes the key… Read More “A New FRIEND” Weekly Column by Kaushal Bhatt

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What Dreams Maybe…

Have you ever given a thought of how your life would be if it was a movie/novel/television series?? What would it be like? Whatever dreams maybe! But then again, what dreams maybe but dreams? It’s tough to dream something and even tough to achieve the dreams. So many times I cannot help but wonder, what… Read More What Dreams Maybe…