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Born Again.

Born Again. All of a sudden life seemed so different. Looking back, things have changed so much. She can’t go back to what she wanted. Changes came in like the ocean waves, slowly but steadily and she was too busy to notice. Love. Was that it? If she didn’t love them all, would it be… Read More Born Again.

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First Quarter of 2016 Gone. Hows it been?

Years pass us by and we keep asking ourselves, “where has the time gone?” Time is absolute and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting unlike one’s boyfriend. It is almost mid April and three months of the year 2016 has passed us by. Hey, hi how are you doing? How’s your New Year Resolutions… Read More First Quarter of 2016 Gone. Hows it been?


Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies

“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.”  ~ Robert A. Heinlein Challenges are meant to grow us. It’s only us who become obstacles in its way… Don’t agree? How about we take a challenge… Try touching your nose with your tongue. Did you even try? Come on, give it a try. Okay, maybe some of… Read More Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies


Hey Albert Einstein… Lessons from a great science man

AEIOU… Albert Einstein Is Outstandingly Unique !! Hey Albert Einstein, it’s me, the one student who failed horribly at understanding the theories of physics and maths, I am sorry I didn’t mean to nod off when my friend talked about your theory, I am really interested but I still don’t understand why, E = mc 2.… Read More Hey Albert Einstein… Lessons from a great science man


Being Woman in 2016… Empowered much?

International Women’s Day website has been asking to pledge for parity in 2016, so we can accomplish our goal of being equal to men in the next 117 years. 117 YEARS? I can live two lives by then. In 117 years mankind might have accomplished the goal of having a colony on Mars. It’s amazing… Read More Being Woman in 2016… Empowered much?


The great man said, “I would dream much BIGGER.”

One fine evening my sister called me up from her induction training program and told me to remind her that she has to tell me a story about few great men who were told by their General Manager. Then she went ahead and asked me, “Hemu, what would you do if you had another life?”,… Read More The great man said, “I would dream much BIGGER.”

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What Dreams Maybe…

Have you ever given a thought of how your life would be if it was a movie/novel/television series?? What would it be like? Whatever dreams maybe! But then again, what dreams maybe but dreams? It’s tough to dream something and even tough to achieve the dreams. So many times I cannot help but wonder, what… Read More What Dreams Maybe…

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Dreams and fears

I hear and read everywhere that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. More often I fear the dreams that I want to achieve so badly. But isn’t that what dreams do at times? Paralyze you with fear and make you feel as if your dreams are too big and you may… Read More Dreams and fears