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Hi whats up

Whats Up People? How Are You?

Hey you, Whats up? How are you doing? Is 2017 the year for you so far? I have been pretty busy for the most of 2017 so far. Today, I want to update you guys on whats going on with me so far and what I plan to do as the year passes. I wrote a post last year after the first quarter of 2016 passed. This year, I am on a different page altogether.

First off, I am in a pleasant mood and happy to be alive in this too much work too little rest no time for anything year. I am exhausting busy at work which is the second main reason for me not being online. First reason being, family affairs.

Since January, we have been quite busy with March closing month. For those who don’t know, I am an Assistant Manager working with one of the largest banks in India, ‘Bank of India”. Being the second in command I am learning to work in a whole new light. It’s rigorous work, there are too many people without bank accounts and my current branch being situated in an industrial area we are always busy with new accounts, advances, and other products. To those wanting to join banking sector in India, my advice is, learn to be tough and kind, it is very important in our country where more than 30% population is illiterate and don’t know banking at all. Banking is not for the faint-hearted in this era of evolution in India.

Whats up. A scene in General Banks in India

                       Any day, this amount of customers is nothing new to me now.

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I don’t want meaningless conversation please

The conversation has reached a whole new level, for example:

“HIiiii, Hows you?”

“Bored man.”

“Whats up with you?”


“So, umm anything new?”

“Not much. Just bored.”

“Ummm… Okay.”

“So hows life?”

“Don’t know…”

grrr!! It’s so easy to find new friends and it’s difficult to communicate. Conversations are a dead phenomenon >.<. In last one year, I have not made one friend of my age that I can say I know this person at all. Most conversations are filled with me energetically asking stuff and people answering them in a bored tone and it annoys me so much that I just feel like never talking again. If you have met someone who you got to know better and have come close to then I am so happy for you.

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