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Creativity is a form of life. Hemangini Patel Raj

Is Society Responsible For Killing Our Creativity Skills? Let’s See In An Award Winning Animation

Every child is born with an unusual creativity skill that keeps their childish enthusiasm alive.

“Never lose your childish enthusiasm….”

So we tell our kids as they grow up and enter adulthood.  But our society has to tell us on every step of our life how we should live, how we should behave, dress and so on. Sadly, it doesn’t stop there, it also needs to dictate what we should do with our career and how we should earn instead of ‘live’.

Clean Slate – every child is born as one until they begin to understand the world around them and we begin to tell them how inappropriate their actions are and how they need to change. Dictation starts at home and then it drags on to public/private school. The education system is the best place to kill a child’s creativity, except if you have Mr. Han or Miss. Gruwell to teach you.

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Few advice, SIgmund Freud

Few Great Advice I Received Till Date

Sometimes we wish someone had told us in advance about the things that we learn which leave a bitter taste in our life, a bad experience. Sometimes we get few great advice by our well wishers, loved ones, parents etc which we chose to forget until one day their words come back to our subconscious when we have gone through an experience and learn something that they’s told us about in advance. For eg. Human nature.

I told you so!!! The four words that most of us don’t want to hear. These four words have been making most of us feel bad or get angry and blush pink and make childish face that’s convey how sorry we are for not acting on the given advice in the first place. I have  been guilty of this myself most my life and out of that I have received quite big lessons of my life but I have also lost a lot of time in the process.

Well, since it’s the beginning of a brand new year and most of us are still hung over the 31st party or the lack of it, I thought it’s be best if I shared few of the advice I received from my well wishers but failed to follow at first and now those advice keep me out of harms way…

  1. Learn from other’s mistakes, your time is limited and you can not make all the mistakes yourself. – Given by my sister I feel that this one is the best advice given to me till date. Learn from others, not only good things but also learn from their mistakes. My time in the world is limited and maybe I could make different kind of mistakes and learn from them instead of making the same ones as my peers.
  2. Anything you do , do it with great love. No matter how small it is.– Ever since I was a wee babby, my father has been the sole figure who has fed my love for reading like a mother feeds a hungry child, with love and great care. Till date my father defends my spends on books when my mother scolds me for buying books when I have yet to read the old ones. My father taught me to love with the heart of a child and he also taught me to do things with as much love. Alas, much to my mother’s dislike, I couldn’t love academic studies as much!! :p
  3. Forgive as soon as possible! Let go and live on without expecting. – Life has the capacity to teach you things you thought would never happen to you, because you are a smartass who has it all figured out. I was taught this lesson by one of the greatest teacher present in the world, Life. Forgiving people who hurt my trust has given me the strength to put my trust in even stronger people. Letting go of things I can not change has given me hope in the weirdest possible way and living without expecting anything from anyone has been the greatest motivation to me till date. I could give love without expecting anything in return, although it does make the receiver feel weird!
  4. Just live. Worry less. Smile often. –  Another lesson I learnt from observing the world, as in from University of Life itself. Wonder what the world would be like if you smiled often, worried lot less and just lived everyday like it’s all okay and no matter how much you worry things are only going to change by your actions and your smile can motivate others to smile and work better as well? Yep!! Life!


All-right the list of lessons can never end. This is just a pleasure post on my part, sharing is caring right? 😀

Grateful for the love I receive. Thank you all.

Grateful for the love I receive. Thank you all.

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