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Logan. In The End, Time Beats Us All.

This post isn’t a movie review about Logan, the last Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) movie. It is about the abundance of thoughts springing through my mind after watching the movie. 17 Years of my life, Hugh Jackman’s life and Patrick Stewart’s life – one crazy obsession – the perfection of play and the heroism.

Precisely 3 years ago, X-Men sent Wolverine back to 1983 to stop Mystic from assassinating Bolivar Trask whose death leads to the creation of sentinels (robots designed to kill Mutants). Wolverine succeeds and future of X-Men changes.

Fast forward 3 years and you find that the future didn’t change so much. Somewhere along the time line things happened, time changed its gears and another enemy of X-Men appeared. In the movie timeline, no new X-Men have been born for 25 years, only those who were bred in labs to be rats to the hands of the same scientist who designed a virus that killed the real X-Men. Wolverine, Professor X (Charles Xavier) & Caliban are the only remaining (or so it seems) X-men.

So what changed? X-Men dies at the hand of seemingly normal humans anyway. What changed? TIME.

Time gives life to heroism and sucks it out too.

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I don’t want meaningless conversation please

The conversation has reached a whole new level, for example:

“HIiiii, Hows you?”

“Bored man.”

“Whats up with you?”


“So, umm anything new?”

“Not much. Just bored.”

“Ummm… Okay.”

“So hows life?”

“Don’t know…”

grrr!! It’s so easy to find new friends and it’s difficult to communicate. Conversations are a dead phenomenon >.<. In last one year, I have not made one friend of my age that I can say I know this person at all. Most conversations are filled with me energetically asking stuff and people answering them in a bored tone and it annoys me so much that I just feel like never talking again. If you have met someone who you got to know better and have come close to then I am so happy for you.

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