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Logan. In The End, Time Beats Us All.

This post isn’t a movie review about Logan, the last Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) movie. It is about the abundance of thoughts springing through my mind after watching the movie. 17 Years of my life, Hugh Jackman’s life and Patrick Stewart’s life – one crazy obsession – the perfection of play and the heroism.

Precisely 3 years ago, X-Men sent Wolverine back to 1983 to stop Mystic from assassinating Bolivar Trask whose death leads to the creation of sentinels (robots designed to kill Mutants). Wolverine succeeds and future of X-Men changes.

Fast forward 3 years and you find that the future didn’t change so much. Somewhere along the time line things happened, time changed its gears and another enemy of X-Men appeared. In the movie timeline, no new X-Men have been born for 25 years, only those who were bred in labs to be rats to the hands of the same scientist who designed a virus that killed the real X-Men. Wolverine, Professor X (Charles Xavier) & Caliban are the only remaining (or so it seems) X-men.

So what changed? X-Men dies at the hand of seemingly normal humans anyway. What changed? TIME.

Time gives life to heroism and sucks it out too.

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Ignoring health till too late

Humanbeanies are funny… Ignoring health till very late.

Tons of overweight people, hospitals are full of patients, we run to doctors even if we catch a cold. We are fearful of becoming sick, yet we do not take care of our health as much as we should. Newspapers and internet forums are full of tips and tricks for a good health and still the global health scale is going down. There’s going to be more people on support of medicines then ever before. How did this happen?

Aren’t we ignorant enough? We ignore many things and we get over things as easily. We forget about out health the same way we forget to clean our attic for years. Soon ghosts occupy the attic and health troubles get accustomed in our body. Don’t just laugh it off, the later is true enough. 

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Dream Much Bigger

The great man said, “I would dream much BIGGER.”

Dream much bigger

Listen to the wise ones. 😉

One fine evening my sister called me up from her induction training program and told me to remind her that she has to tell me a story about few great men who were told by their General Manager. Then she went ahead and asked me, “Hemu, what would you do if you had another life?”, I was confused but I said, “I’m not sure but maybe I’d try harder and work on my dreams… ummm… where is this going?” “Okay, you pass… Will tell you the story, remind me. See ya!”

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I don’t want meaningless conversation please

The conversation has reached a whole new level, for example:

“HIiiii, Hows you?”

“Bored man.”

“Whats up with you?”


“So, umm anything new?”

“Not much. Just bored.”

“Ummm… Okay.”

“So hows life?”

“Don’t know…”

grrr!! It’s so easy to find new friends and it’s difficult to communicate. Conversations are a dead phenomenon >.<. In last one year, I have not made one friend of my age that I can say I know this person at all. Most conversations are filled with me energetically asking stuff and people answering them in a bored tone and it annoys me so much that I just feel like never talking again. If you have met someone who you got to know better and have come close to then I am so happy for you.

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Life happens

Life Breaks Us All… So Said Hemingway

Life breaks us all and afterward many are strong at the broken places. 

~ Earnest Hemingway

Life… Did something pass by in the back of your mind as you read the quote? Hold that thought a minute, have you ever been in a position when you felt like your mind should go to shreds and you should probably be dead but nope, ain’t happening today. Why isn’t it happening?

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Healing. The process and the ugly truth.

Healing oneself with a few easy steps is a ugly lie. Healing reaps you apart and slowly makes you into a new person. Wait a minute, isn’t that what pain and troubles are supposed to do? Let me tell you one little fact, pain is part of the healing process. So if anyone out there is telling you that healing feels wonderful then you are being misguided. We feel bad even waking up five minutes earlier because that’s a change just imagine how healing can feel wonderful if just a little waking up sooner then you used to doesn’t?

Obviously physical injuries can be seen and even taken care of by different ailments but what about the inner ones? The scars that we walk around with but no one can see? The ones we feel will never heal and we keep looking for something to keep us afloat everyday, like an ant hangs on to a leaf when a stormy river takes it away from the shore. You will survive and sometimes you will find yourself in an entirely new territory, yes you yourself is a changed person and learning to walk again is difficult but you must keep going, don’t try to go back to the same storm that terraformed your being. I remember when I was in such position reading about how to heal myself did not help me as much as my intent to go through it no matter the pain I felt every single moment.

Healing. Haruhi Murakami

I have not read this book but whenever I see this quote I feel like no matter how big the storm is, it is possible to come out of it.

That being said, most of our pain is self inflicted but that pain is necessary in teaching us what we need to learn and sometimes it takes us three to four rounds before we have “learnt” out lesson. Articles, self help books, quotes, motivational speeches etc don’t do much good unless you understand that it is there to help you walk the path but it can’t walk the path for you and make you feel any better. As if applying them to life will suddenly change everything, all the troubles and problems will magically disappear and be done with. Pffft, it’s gone, welcome to a whole new you. If it was that easy would there be poems about heartaches and stories after stories of how loss feels?

Healing doesn’t mean leaving all those experiences locked away in the past and learning to live without them. Healing is in confronting the pain that our expectation of the experiences bring to us, all wrapped under shiny gift wrappers with a bow knot of a wonderful lace. Healing means letting go of the illusion of control which actually makes us feel bad because we have to accept our shortcomings and that hurts us.

For example, one most obvious condition that hurt or pain most people is – “Why did someone so close to me betray me? don’t they love me? why would they do this to me?  I don’t understand. ” 

Well we imagine and imagine scenarios in our heads to justify the situation but we can’t come to a solution because we love that person. We ask them again and again until they get tired of answering the questions. Then the process of feeling the pain on a deeper level begins since we are not coming to a solution and letting it be. That is just how healing begins. Healing of our thoughts, our hearts, our minds and what not. Our self inflicted storms has the power to keep hurting us as long as we keep letting them. One day when we finally grow tired of that constant pain and aimless questions, we start asking ourselves the right questions and that is when the self help articles, books, speeches etc come into play.

When I first began to heal ourselves unconsciously we start giving ourselves pain because the pain gives the memories strength to be alive even after they are long gone. So we stay in constant pain and sometimes we come to love that pain, we feel helpless without it. Instead of healing the injury we keep scratching it, making it itch more as the day goes by. That’s the first step toward depression and deeper pain. The pit only grows deeper from there. But it is POSSIBLE to get out of there. Let the pain teach you instead of run from it and just ask, “Why me?” Instead say, yes it happened to me but I won’t let it make me into something I am not, I wont let the pain define me. I will heal myself and I will let my loved ones in. So some of your old belief and hopes will be gone and you will have something new to look forward to, let it happen. Don’t hold back and just be in the moment, start by being where you are right now and the rest will be taken care of as you learn to walk on your own, with the help of others but by yourself, you must take the pilgrimage yourself. 🙂

What if it doesn’t turn out as you wanted it? Maybe that’s the best part…. You get to dream something new and take it from there. 

Healing is a dirty thing. It is beautiful too. It’s weird how powerful it is. This is coming from someone who has gone through it or maybe she still is going through it, that’s for some other day. Hope this helps if you ever need to hear some ugly truth about the process of healing.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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