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It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default. J K Rowling

My Secret SuperPower Is – The Ability To Never Give Up.

Never Give Up. Never giving up the passions you had as a child and the ones you develop as an adult is an important character trait…. Believe it! It is my super power.

Spencer Johnson What would you do if you weren't afraid? Never Give Up

Since we are young we are told that something or other are not what we should be. Because society and families have different plans for us and our own choices do not fit in the scene. Most of the time we give in. Due to our own lack of understanding, we let the path chose us instead of choosing our paths.

As we grow after 20 we learn things. We understand that what anyone ever asked of us was for a reason. For whose good it was is another question. The question then is, ‘are you willing to forgive? Others as well as yourself?” Refrain yourself from the blame game.

What happened is gone time. What can be done to amend the bygone? 

We can always secretly keep the light of our passion burning. Our passions need not die. Our families won’t pressure us forever, maybe from their pressure, a strong desire to do your thing will be born. 

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Advice That Mattered. Reliving Memories.

We all have a few advice that mattered to us as children but ones that we forgot as teen-adults and kept getting our butts kicked because of that. My one such advice was given to me by my sister. She used to tell me, “Look around. Learn from others. Their mistakes/failures/success/actions etc. You don’t have to do them all yourself. Learn from others. Whatever you want to do, believe in yourself.”

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365 Days of Blogging. My Journey So Far.

If a writer falls in love with you, you live forever.

365 days passed so fast. 365 days of blogging or the lack of it. I am not a big fan of birthdays or any other kind of celebrations, not that I do not enjoy it, it’s just that I find them unnecessary due to my lack of time for writing. A hearty wish is more important to me then a party and gifts. I flutter and smile like a child when my siblings and my parents wish me and I take in their sweet thoughtful presents like a child. “What did you bring me?” I would ask like a child and gasp getting excited when my brother presents me with a Harry Potter book on my 16th birthday! Gosh! Best gift ever. So guess what happened when my blog turned a year old on the 3rd of July? Nothing special! I wished myself and went to sleep. Hardly even came online for almost half the month. Didn’t even mention it to anyone.

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Writing is a therapist

Writing = Therapist. Why writing is good for your health?


Noun | Ther.a.pist | \’Ther-a-pist\ 

A therapist is a person who is trained to treat an illness without use of drugs or surgery.

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Reasons Why Writing Is Good For You

When I was a kid I used to take my pen and write in my journals without a care in the world. I loved to write down how my day was, what all I did, what was bad, what was good etc. I used to write down tiny tales and I would make silly doodles to go along with that. I had my pen & journal with me when I had no one with me. It increased my love for writing when my siblings read my diary and laughed about something about my day or a tiny tale. I felt happier when they said to me, “girl, you should write more.” My dad hardly understands the writing bug in me but he pats on my back always and says, “you doing good kiddo, keep it up.” My family has played a vital role in my love for writing. But I haven’t been very lucky about that with the rest of the world. I am advised against writing by many people, most of them don’t understand the basic reason I write, they think I just want to make big bucks by writing. If only they understood that writing does more for me then just earn me money! In fact I hardly make money from my writing. Writing is good for me.

When you tell people you blog or write as a passion mostly you are met with questions like, “Why write?” “Isn’t it time-consuming?” “Isn’t it better to do sports instead?” “Why do you write, it’s such a bore.” The last statement about writing blew my mind and I thought very hard about why someone would find writing as a boring task? I have not found the answer yet! For me, I love writing and I think writing is one of the most important thing one can do for themselves.

                     Let me tell you, why writing is good for you.

Writing is amazing! –  Writing is a fun process.  Many people  I meet ask me, so you have written a novel? I say, “Not yet!” Everyone that write their hearts out don’t need to be an author. It’s a false notion that if you write then you must write like a big-famous author and you must use complicated words. No, No and Nope! Writing is a hobby or a passion and it has got nothing to do with whether you are famous or not! You must have heard the term, “Bathroom singer”. Yep, we writers are a lot like that while we are making our first draft, it’s as if we are singing out aloud on the pages of journals or a blog page like this and thinking that we must keep our voice low or someone might make fun of us and we revise and revise and still we don’t feel that it is enough. It’s frustrating and you feel drained at times but it feels like butterflies in your stomach when you read the finished draft.

Writing is good for you

Writing is for everyone. All art forms are for everyone to be true. Writing helps us get our thoughts in a line. Putting down your thoughts in a journal keeps you focused on the important tasks and also help you become a better person since you will be writing about it at the end of your day. Writing gives exercise to the brain.

Writing gives you clarity of thoughts. The ability to think clearly is a boon in today’s time when things are moving so fast that it is tough to make decision in the blink of an eye. If you have a clear mind maybe it’s easier.

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  ~ Sylvia Plath

It helps your brains little Einstein. You find new words, idioms, phrases and learn them better by writing and speaking them out loudly. It gives practice to the muscles & neurons, increasing your muscle memory & response time.

In the end I want to put in two quotes by one of the most brightest writers of her time and as it turns out she wasn’t even trying to be a writer, all she wanted to do was write what she wanted in her dear diary gifted by her parents for her birthday. Yes I am talking about the one and only – ANNE FRANK. Here’s her take on writing.

Writing is good for you

Okay I need to write something else now. I will write more on this topic in future. Till then, keep writing and reading. 🙂 Have fun & remember, writings is good for you no matter how little.



How Long Shall You Work & Little Bit About Me

Today I am me-er then Me! :p

Today I am me-er then Me! :p

I work eight to ten hours daily to make someone else richer and in return I get paid for my hard work. We employees are rarely appreciated & mostly overworked yet for obvious reasons we keep doing our jobs. Fortunately today I do not wish to talk about the job that we all hold to support ourselves monetarily, that will be topic for some rainy day. Today I am going to talk about the job/jobs that we love doing.

For example, I am writing here because it makes me happy. I feel alive when words pour out of me. Some say if you love doing something it’s not actually a job but I say if I spend a few hours of my daily life on something that I love to do and if God forbid I get paid for it then that makes it a wonderful job. So how long you have to work at something you love till it becomes enough?

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. | Unknown

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