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Mata Hari The Spy Paulo Coelho

The Spy A Novel by Paulo Coelho – Review

I was waiting eagerly for “The Spy by Paulo Coelho”. Due to work pressure, I was not able to read this novel when it arrived on a sleepy winter morning. I remember writing an essay about ‘Women who made history’ as an 8th grader. One of the books I referred to contained an entire section on women in espionage and the world-famous ‘Mata Hari’ aka ‘Marguerite Gertrude Zelle’ was in it.

I never felt so thrilled to read about a woman spy before, the three pages only told about who Mata Hari was & how she was accused of being a spy and later sentenced to death. Sadly, in those days I didn’t have access to the WEB of the internet and she slowly faded in my memory resurfacing from time to time when women & espionage were mentioned in one sentence.

Mata Hari The Spy Paulo Coelho

The beauty in all her GLORY like her name Mata Hari – SUN fully Shining.

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Dreams and fears

I hear and read everywhere that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. More often I fear the dreams that I want to achieve so badly. But isn’t that what dreams do at times? Paralyze you with fear and make you feel as if your dreams are too big and you may not be able to achieve it. Yet, desire to achieve dreams is a thing only few people have. Dreamers differ a lot, I will get into details about it later. Dreams are light as a bird’s feather and you can feel delighted in their thoughts, dreams are heavy as a big giant ogre at times and all you feel is being paralyzed by the size of the giant!

One of the bloggers I follow on twitter once posted, “Many wanna be blogs start on Facebook just to vanish in few days”. Was he right? Not just blogs but it happens with a lot of passionate and creative people who dream of doing something. Many times people try to follow their dreams and when they fail, they give up or try again until they succeed or finally quit it. Those who stick to their dreams find success or find happiness in their pursuit of it. A lot of sacrifices and pains are faced by the ones who pursue them. Dreams… So far they have been the greatest sensei (teacher in Japanese) in my life. If you turn out to be less qualified for your dream, your dream will teach you how to get there, but when dreams teach people it takes an iron will to still stick to your dreams.

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