The origins of the word Staycation are unknown. It is widely used word nowadays. Recently I read an article on Tripoto about how ‘Indians are terribly vacation-deprived‘. In the same article, there’s a link to another article which is about the plans for long weekend getaways for the 14 long weekends that are in 2017.

I can not agree more, Indians are actually terribly deprived of vacations. Most professional people I know don’t take vacations, in fact, they will even work a few hours on the weekends because the work is too much at times. Yep, that’s how work in Indian Banking sector and other sectors are now. I myself work more than 10-12 hours daily. It sucks. We all want to take a vacation but we don’t. There is always one excuse or another. Family reasons, kids schools or office. Leaving our jobs and becoming full-time travelers is another possibility to dab in but then again there are reasons not to do that just now.

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