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Story Teller Unlike Any Other, R. K. Narayan. Revisiting Malgudi Days.

R. K. Narayan

You become a writer by writing. It is a Yoga.

Born in Madras of British India in 1906 R. K. Narayan short for Rasipuram Krishnaswamilyer Narayanswami, is one of the most celebrated authors in India to date. His simple writing style and descriptions of a hearty Indian town with its mix of townspeople won him hearts all over the world.

His first novel “Swami & Friends” was published in 1935 with help of British author Graham Green followed by “The Bachelor of Arts” made him an instant success in India as well as abroad. Graham Greene considered him one of the greatest novelist in English Language and fondly wrote,

Narayan wakes in me a spring of gratitude. Without him, I could never have known what it is like to be an Indian.

R. K. Narayan shortened his name after Graham Greene advised him to do so. He told him, “In this country, a name which is difficult for the old ladies in the library to remember materially affects sales.” Graham Greene became his mentor and friend for the rest of his life. Both writer’s influenced each other and that can be seen in their works. 

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Found in the wreckage

Found In The Wreckage.

Tales as old as time keep finding its way towards our world like the waves of ocean, eventually crashing against the shores and leaving a hazy trail. One such tale, I found in the wreckage that I thought I would become.

My tiny boat wrecked on the rocks near the beach. The waves saved me, it brought me to the shore. Alive but alone. A week has passed by. It wasn’t tough to survive the island, it was tough to remain alive with the demons that hunted me every single day. How long has it been in this tiny boat that was expected to bring me to my death? I succumbed to my injuries and fainted even before the boat passed across the misty orange clouds of justice. Have I lived past those clouds or am I dead? What brought me here? I’m not sure of all that either. But I heard my people say, “No one survives the sea. Especially not magi people. Sea devours them.”

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Crimson Red. White Mornings. Clear Skies

White Mornings. Clear Skies. Crimson Sea.

This is a continuation of my story: Crimson Nights. Starry Skies. Crimson Tides.

You might want to read the first part to better understand the second one. So, here goes.

White Mornings. Clear Skies. Crimson Sea.

“The crimson sea will engulf another life. You will be helpless just like you once were.” The voice in my head became weird as I tried to sleep. The dream where my mother kept screaming for help woke me up several times until early morning when my tired body gave way to some much-needed sleep.

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My blog- My experimentation with ocean of thoughts

I have read on a lot of websites that one should make a clear image of what they want to publish on their blog. Believe me, it is really very difficult to decide on one blog topic/niche when you have whimsical mind like mine. Specially by the time sleep comes, it goes wild with ideas and lines! Tell me if yours don’t, and don’t you dare lie. There are so many niche blogs I am confused which one do I belong to??

I am a lover of books, food and travel in general. I do not cook as much so this isn’t a food blog. I do not buy clothes every now and then so this isn’t a fashion blog either. I take a lot of pictures but this isn’t a  photo blog either! What I really do is, I imagine!! Also, I listen to different kind of people all day, read a lot of books, eat a lot (temporarily out of service! tell you another day), travel a lot (mostly on foot). I am going to write about the books that I read after careful selection and sometimes on a whim! I may also write about the anime and manga and movies I prefer, but maybe I won’t. Occasionally I might write about my adventures with food and travel. These days it is really difficult for me to do the later two because I am sort of sick since a long time now and still getting better, but I eagerly await those healthy jumpy days when I can get out and feel the wind on my cheeks without worrying about getting more sick. Well I don’t know how do people live with some really rare diseases and how they deal with not being able to do somethings, it makes me cry to think about their sadness or how they deal with that sadness. I pray that no one has to give up their dreams because of some sickness, never give up, always find a way.


Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott

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