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Thor Ragnarok. Marvel’s Latest Marvelous Gem.

Thor Ragnarok is Marvel’s most marvelous gem till date due to many reasons. We kept wondering what will be the story and who is Hela? So, the answers are here now. But, the movie only gives birth to a few more questions. Doesn’t every Marvel movie do that? Not on this scale.

In Norse mythologies, Ragnarok means ‘End of Days/Doomsday‘ kind of thing. More of a revelation, thunder-storm-revelation kind of revelation. Having seen just the first trailer of the movie I was expecting so much from this movie. As we all have seen in the trailer Thor loses his beloved hammer Mjölnir at the hands of Hela. Not just loss, it is shattered, a Norse God’s hammer made from the heart of a dying star is shattered to pieces by the Goddess of Death.  Thor meets his friend from Avenger’s, The Hulk.  Prepare for another surprise, Thor’s hair is gone now and for God knows what reason he is to fight The Hulk with hundreds of beings cheering as if it was a Bull-fight on Earth.  What happens next? In a word, LOT.

Hela Thor Ragnarok
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Thanks to director Taika Waititi (whose gets messed up by me whenever I speak it) this movie became a gem. I don’t know how else to put it. No offense to any of the previous Directors, I loved other installments of Marvel too. It seems like, with Thor Ragnarok a new era of Marvel movies is starting. It is a lot more mature now. Not adult rate mature, the characters have a growth in this movie. In addition, Cate Blanchet shines as Hela – the first female villain of Marvel Movie-verse.  Tom Hiddleston is back as our beloved antagonist Loki is back again with his mischievous smile and mirrorless thinking.

By far in Marvel cinematic universe no family drama has come about as the one in Thor Ragnarok. Thor, Loki and Odin‘s meeting is such a dense, dramatic and emotional sequence it will leave you thinking. Thor and Loki’s dry, dense humor-filled confrontations and unspoken brotherly bond will make you want to root for both of them.

Thor Ragnarok
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The Valkyrie is an Asgardian female warrior who for some reasons left it all and escaped somewhere far away, even the winged horses. (Yep, don’t want to ruin it for you!) Still the hard-drinking tough as hell, Tessa Thompson is another girl to watch out in the future. Once the movie starts, there is no stopping to the numbers of secrets that come pouring out of Odin’s hidden pots. Who the heck is Hela and why does it look like she wants to destroy Asgard? Well, well… In for much surprises and joy.

The main thing is there is actually no villainy in this movie. Thor is trying to prevent an event ‘Ragnarok’ as foretold in their lore, more like a prophecy. Hence, Ragnarok will mean the end of Asgard and Thor wants to protect his homeland like any king candidate. Having lost his hammer, his source of strength and power, how does Thor do it? How does his character grow through the impossibilities and still find the will to go on? As a result? Too many questions, only one answer – If you still haven’t, then book a ticket and watch the movie.

Once you watch the movies- try answering these questions:

Thor Ragnarok

  1. Why does the taser work on Thor?
  2. Where in the hell was Hela all along?
  3. Is it Thanos’s spaceship in the credit scene?
  4. Will Asgardians get wiped out?
  5. Why does Odin disburse in the air like Oogway? 😮 :p
  6. Oh and last one, why does the all-seeing, Heimdall keep missing things? Like, Thanos’s ship, Hela etc?

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