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Time Spend Enjoying Is Not Waste Of Time

Time spend enjoying is not a waste of time. So easy to say, so difficult to follow and even difficult to instill in your life. After all, our time on Earth is limited (If we have more time elsewhere is still under very secret scientific debate). So where was I? Aah yes! time and enjoyment and guilt, where do I even begin?

I spent an entire day yesterday reading a “webtoon”. Yes, I spend more than 11 hours reading a webtoon, it took me that long since I am sick and my fingers pain even if I only used the up & down arrows. Gosh I want to scale K2 >.<  When will I do that? See I am getting distracted, if only my fingers didn’t ache this would be so easier! So I read an entire comic strip yesterday and it was so much fun. I wanted to laugh so hard at times and I did laugh some. Oh yes before I forget again, the webtoon was about a girl who has just started her major at a university and how her life unfolds in the two years. Yep it’s a romcom and I loved reading a romance manhwa after so long. Here’s the link: Cheese-In-The-Trap 

Don't tell me that all the romance loving bones in your body have dried up and you hate me for recommending this manhwa!! Just kidding!! Jung Yu and Seol Hong are two college students who belong to completely opposite worlds and what happens when two different worlds collide? Nope, love isn't that easy! Think better!
Don’t tell me that all the romance loving bones in your body have dried up and you hate me for recommending this manhwa!! Just kidding!!
Jung Yu and Seol Hong are two college students who belong to completely opposite worlds and what happens when two different worlds collide? Nope, love isn’t that easy! Think better!

Those that don’t know, Korean Comics are called “Manhwa” and Japanese comics are called “Manga” and obviously American & European comics are called….umm well “Comics”. I find myself reading them more than often and I must say I am amazed by the sheer talent of the artists who create these stories, I am so thankful to all you creative people out there, you make my life so much more fun. So back to Cheese in The Trap, it’s a wonderful refreshing Manhwa and I read that there’s going to be a television drama coming out on the same theme since January 4th. I am so excited but I will watch once the drama has been completed.

And now back to the main topic…

Time & fear

                        Time Spent Enjoying Is Not Waste Of Time 

These days I find people calculating what they should do with their free time. How much free time can they afford and how much of it should be spent with their families and having some me time and what not. I find people stressed for little amount of time they have so much to do and I ask myself why do I take my time so leisurely? Am I so free that I don’t run with time? Do I not want to achieve things too?  I hardly make any lists to follow. People call me whimsical and they tell me to get my head checked because it’s full of silly ideas but I am glad at least my family is with me, yes they scold me too but they love me more. 🙂

I spent an entire day reading a webtoon sitting in my bed doing nothing else. No productive work. I loved it, yes I felt like how can I waste my time like this but then again what else was I supposed to do? I could read or write but I couldn’t concentrate at all. At night I lay in my bed thinking about all those times when I spent time enjoying myself and later on beat myself up for wasting my time, thinking about all those things I could have done instead. Luckily I found that I have less of the guilt bone inside me. I have rarely beat myself up for reading novels/papers and magazines during my college years instead of focusing more on my study and getting the first grade in college, it was a jungle circus out there in those years and I hardly gave a damn. So why would I worry much about losing my time now? I don’t know maybe I have too many things I want to do and my health isn’t supporting so I am being neurotic maybe! Hmm, all the more reason for me to be fired up to do better.

If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.    ~Poppa, A Good Dinosaur

I find that doing what you love is much better then to do things that you hardly get just because everyone else is doing it. Sometimes we go out of our limits to reach the high goals that others set up for ourselves instead of going in the direction of things that we actually would love to be doing. Maybe it’s because fear overcomes us instead of us overcoming fear. Oh since I am talking about fear, I also watched “The Good Dinosaur” and I found the movie refreshing and the points shows in that movie were so wonderful, if your little one loves dinosaurs maybe they must see this movie and if you are an adult who is yearning to see a different world then ours today then you must watch it too.

Time & Courage
A single did of kindness can change everything. ~ A Good Dinosaur

So what do you do in your free time and do you feel guilty for spending your time doing something entirely silly or funny just because you feel like it?? Comment below and let me know babies 🙂 Have fun time ahead.

Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “Time Spend Enjoying Is Not Waste Of Time

  1. Hey sorry for writing this time and again. But its pretty amazing. Glad I found your blog.
    And either you and I think alike or you are able to touch upon all related to humanity, but these thoughts are actually going on in my mind.
    The exact same.

    1. haha I am glad that my thought and yours resonates about humanity! It’s wonderful to find people whose words we can feel. Thanks for stopping by and making my day Pranjal!! Your comments are all uplifting. 🙂 See you

  2. I think we’re quite alike: whenever I “waste” time on doing absolutely nothing, I feel guilty.

    But the truth is: you can’t be productive every waking second of every day. You NEED some time to relax and recharge and just enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy! I spent a lot of time today watching The Walking Dead (while eating and drinking tea… I suspect I’m either zombie-proof or incredibly weird) and I feel great about it! Everyone needs a little me-time now and then. I say: good for you for enjoying your lazy day! 🙂

    1. You are so right Samantha! One can’t expect to be productive all the time, that would be a huge burden!!

      By the way I think, you sure are zombie proof, I feel disgusting watching a zombie when I am eating, especially non-veg(Since I can’t help but feel like I am one of them.. creepy). haha thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Ohh ohh ohh! I love this post so much that my hands were so itchy that I need to leave a comment 🙂 I find it REALLY hard not to beat myself up, I am the person who pre-plans everything – and when I did absolutely nothing, I regret and hate myself so much for wasting too much time. That’s how I got so stressful (and it’s not healthy!).

    Last week I was quite productive, I did everything as planned. But this week, I wasn’t feeling well.. My body just felt heavy and weak, so I ended waking up late and gets frustrated after the day and time fly off so soon. I spent most of my time doing pretty much nothing – watching TV series, lay down, and eat. And that’s it.

    Your post makes me feel it’s okay to relax sometimes, and do what you feel like doing. I’m thinking of writing similar post, and linking it back here. Thank you so much! Just in time 🙂

    1. haha you don’t need to do everything you know? There’s so much to be done in life and our ambitions, desires and hopes are high for ourselves and we rarely find that we did our best for so many things and maybe sometimes we should just relax and have fun instead of thinking about all those things that we have yet to do. If we don’t enjoy at all then after sometime all things seem mundane and like a schedule.. It’s fun to break out of doing everything every once in a while.

      Do write your thoughts about this, would love to read. 🙂

  4. Never beat yourself up over spending time doing something you enjoy… I’m a hardcore Universe follower (and an atheist) so I can tell you that staying positive is the only way one can achieve something. And the best way to stay positive is to be happy and do things that you enjoy (but without any remorse.) Moments enjoyed is time well spent…
    My schedule is jam-packed, somedays I don’t even get time to comb my hair, let alone eat lunch or anything mundane… but still, I make sure to do at least one thing that I enjoy doing, every alternate day (or as much as possible.) Sometimes when I have tons of work to so, I simply take a day off cause I know that if I’m stressed, I’ll attract failure and other negative things…
    Sorry for rambling, but this post has really struck a chord! Also, I love reading comic strips myself (whenever I stumble across one.) So, thanks for the link to this amazing comic strip. I’m bookmarking it and will read it whenever I’ll get some free time…
    Have a great day dear!

    1. wow you love reading comic strips too? SO glad you are my blogging buddy 😀 So busy can’t even comb hair at times? I gotta tell my parents that I am not the only one so they stop bugging me about getting ready nicely for the office! hehe Thanks so much for such a fabulous comment Heena ^.^

      1. Oh, yea… And my mom also used to bug me when I was with her. But now I’m free and as I work freelance, I don’t have an office to attend to. I put on my pyjama shorts, a comfy, worn-off shirt and put my hair in bun when I work… And the plus is that my hubby likes me better that way, lol. He thinks I look cute. So it gets easy for me…
        Hope you are having a great day! <3

        1. haha isn’t that just great? So happy you enjoy your work and daily life. My mom nags me daily! here she is again, “get ready beta”!! >.< haha have a fun day Heena :)see you

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