Have you ever given a thought of how your life would be if it was a movie/novel/television series?? What would it be like? Whatever dreams maybe! But then again, what dreams maybe but dreams? It’s tough to dream something and even tough to achieve the dreams.

So many times I cannot help but wonder, what if… What if we really did live as if we are in a movie or novel or even a small story book? If we could direct how we are going to be living our lives, like we are the directors of our own stories!! Then I realize, to a large extent we are the directors of our stories! The only problem is we don’t believe in ourselves as we once did as kids! Yes, once upon a time, when we were young and wild, when we were kids, when our innocence was still intact and our hopes were big! We were hero and heroine of our stories back then. We would put bed sheets on our backs and fly around our house pretending to be superman/woman and our mom-dad would run around to protect us if in case we decided to jump from the terrace or bed! As we grow, we face failures, failures in studies/love/friendships/career and we begin to lose that innocence. We turn into a non-believer, we find it hard to believe in our own plans for ourselves, we find it difficult to trust and more difficult to believe!! We become someone who does all the things like self-doubting, non-believing, lost and losing, wishful FROGS, who are happier to live in their well then to venture out and see the brighter side of the outer world!!!

Why do we stop believing? Why do we have less faith? Why do we become more agitated? I’m not very much sure of it, but I do have a hunch! I think that as we grow, we lose our will to let ourselves free!! We become more and more tied down by “What if” “What others think” “Oh! why me!!” “I failed”; add anything that you can think of as an excuse to beat yourself down as a loser and you will find the reasons on whys and whys of how to lose!! In short, even we stop believing in ourselves.

Remember the good old days when you used to climb trees and thought of yourself as Mowgli or Tarzan?? Or those times when you climbed up the tree even when it scared the shit out of you? Or remember those times when you used to race to reach the top of the hill with your friends and family and when you reach the top, even if you are breathless, you enjoyed it? Yep!! Now think where has that person gone? The question is, why is it so difficult now? Whats stopping you? Why have you forgotten the simple joys of life? Is it really impossible or you are the only one stopping yourself? There are many obstacles I’m sure! But daily you can give an hour or two to things that you love doing, it might seem like a useless or small task that adds nothing great to your profession or your resume, but for sure it will make a lot of difference then you may think!!

A few steps that will be helpful for the process of living a remarkable life…

  1. Dream: So you got dreams?  A friend of mine said, “Dreams are over-rated!” Obviously I had to disagree with him. Why should you let anyone tell that something you believe in is not worth it? I don’t give a damn if you agree with my opinion or not, its mine to begin with! I will stand by what I believe even if I am alone!

Nail Gaiman says, “People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.”

If you have got dreams, you are just compelled to fulfill them. There’s an inner desire to grab those dreams and let them grow big! If you don’t give your dreams a chance, you will always have the feeling as if something is amiss! If you don’t have any dreams yet, then congratulations, the world is your oyster & you can do anything you want!! Don’t be afraid to dream, no matter how small or how big! Dream!

  1. Make goals:  Once you have decided on something, make goals. Plan in advance on how you can attain those goals. Don’t make stiff plans though, allow some degree of flexibility! Take one thing at a time! Don’t be in a hurry & don’t be a worry wart! Relax and set your own pace of doing things!
What dreams maybe

This painting was made by my sister. 🙂

  1. Time management: Are you full-time employed person blogging for fun or hobby? Then there’s little need of time management! But, are you blogging because you are passionate about it? Are you blogging because you just love it or because you love the thrill of doing what you love? If so then by all means, you should learn to manage time so you don’t become frustrated over time! Plot a general idea of how you spend your day and find out the loopholes! Loopholes = Time spent doing unnecessary things! For example: Watching a show that adds little or nothing to your being! You can be doing many things during the day which adds no value to your being, try to minimize this things and try to focus on those things that you keep “wishing” for!
  2. Be ready to get rude: So maybe you are going to have to say no to a movie(that you didn’t want to see in the first place!!) or two with your pals because you have some things to do for your dreams, to be or not to be? Up to you to decide! Maybe you are in the waiting room at the hospital and everyone is either watching TV or playing games on cell or texting, and you are the black sheep, reading a book on “How to be the next millionaire” everyone stares at you once in a while and you may feel agitated, so you are doing something different, SO BE IT!! Let them stare! Be ready to get rude! Don’t just try to fit social norms!!

    Stephen Kind writes in his book, On Writing  –

    If you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.

  3. Believe: This is the most important of all. Believe! Believe in your dreams and then believe in your ability to make them happen in reality! Life is only once, you are gonna have it till you die! So don’t just survive or sleep walk through the realm of life! Give it your 100%!

Think of how as a child you just had an idea and you made it happen by hook or crook!! Mind well, I am not asking you to become a crook here! :p All I am saying is, believe! Believe in the possibility of your ideas and yourself! You can do anything as long as you believe!

What dreams maybe

If you try to implement these steps in your daily life, you are going to be able to fulfill all those dreams that you think about and wish for all the time! Travel/writing the next best-seller novel/A start-up/ A movie/ A script anything that you dream of, can come true!! Just don’t give up and maybe the life that you dream of, the life that’s like a movie or a novel, will come true!  🙂

PS: What movie would you like your life to be?

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