What to do? I am bored.

That’s our first response when we have time on our hand and we don’t know what to do with it. We usually end up saying, “Nothing, just killing time. I am bored.” Isn’t it obvious that time is killing you one second at a time? :p I feel terrible when I hear someone say they are bored but then I laugh to myself because mostly we don’t try to figure out what to do with the awesome time we have.

So here is my notes on what can be done in the free time:

  • Simply lay back, put on some music and sing along.
  • Call up your friends  and make a group video for youtube.
  • Make a project. Design it to be a “better me” project. Try different things.
  • Go out with friends. There’s always that one bum who wants to hang out and try some new food from the street. Or simply get out alone and learn  to have fun all by yourself.
  • Go on adventures. Only if you are employed full-time you won’t have much free time for adventures. But if you are a collegian or a school kid you will have a month or two of vacation and a few days off here and there all over the year. Find our about nearest mountains you can hike, the rivers you can dip in and get out there.
  • Become members of groups or clubs. I am member of my city’s nature club & I want to volunteer at a school for special kids sometime soon.
  • Learn something new. Learn a new skill or teach one to someone. How long will you just let yourself believe that you can always do it later? Time to learn that guitar or sewing right now. It need not be a skill that can be used to find a job, do something just for yourself too. 🙂

Dr Seuss was so right? Right? Image: Google Images

  • Study – Being a student in school/college is perhaps the time that shapes us the most for our life. Someday in retrospect you will look back on those moments and smile for doing your best even if it wasn’t appreciated the way you might have liked.
  • Read – Read the newspaper, read knowledge books, read novels, read anthologies and explore literature as much as you can.
  • Last and important – explore your ideas and imagination.

You know life is really beautiful and there will be reasons which make you cry but don’t ever forget that your life is important. Don’t spend time being bored, just plain old bored. Don’t just say, what to do. I am bored. Use your time to make the best of who you are. Have fun and remember one more thing, time spent with fun isn’t wasted time.

What to do. I am bored

To end the post, I’d like to tell you the same line my sister tells me when I tell her to rest and do the rest of her work tomorrow. “There’ll be plenty of time to sleep once I am dead. Right now, I’m gonna paint.” She has unfathomable energy for the things she loves to do. Touchwood, I hope and pray she always remains happy.