Where art thou? Thoughts on sickness & life…

Where art thou?
Where art thou?
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I have been on and off from blogging world for almost a month now. 

MY EXCUSE: Been SICK lately and with job, blog became my second choice. I had to maintain my time between job and rest. Gave it sometime and laziness crept in from the silent corners of my sickly world. Now that I feel a bit better I am back.

Where art thou?

Where art thou?? A popular way of asking where are you? Romeo oh Romeo. Thanks William Shakespeare for giving us words and worlds we talk about more often than we talk about our economy, although you are hard to understand just like the economical speculations.

I hardly wrote anything serious in last 25 days and that’s been making me cranky and even unbearable at times. Thankfully, now I have made peace with it and I just let it go if I can’t write on few days. But give it more than ten days and I feel like I have become a mistress to my laziness and I am cheating on my passions. Awful but that’s exactly how I felt n those days when I was good enough to write but I didn’t. Whenever I felt like I won’t be able to write anymore, like a crazy woman I kept asking myself, “where art thou?” Where the hell have you gone my creative passion, my inner writer?” A small voice from some inner place replied to my plea with, “Still here, you lazy old woman.” I kept feeling like, “Oh, thank God, it’s still there.” I can’t tell how hard it will get if the voices and the voice that gives those voices their voice died. I bet that didn’t make much sense, but that’s how living with voices in your head feels.

Now that I am writing I can’t tell how wonderful it feels to be writing again.  I am not writing much and my head isn’t working much either but Thank GOD.

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[Image source: Giphy] 
Today, I want to talk about my sickness and long breaks in blog. It might get boring, so if you are looking for thrill, go somewhere else.

Still here? Okay, listen… errr, Read…

There are a few things I learnt from being sick often and one of them is I should be ready for the bad times in life.

You never know when you are going to get a hard hit. Being the healthiest person in my home I never thought I would get to this level of sickness where getting out of bed would become a chore rather than the happy activity with which I started my day. Even though I ended up with a job I didn’t want in the first place I still loved it, it gave me the much-needed opportunity to learn more about people, behavioral psychology and  it gave me this feeling of independence and not being a burden on my parents. I learnt so much about myself in the process.

Although it’s my own fault that I got sick like this. No one plans to get sick and nor did I, I am at fault because I didn’t pay attention when I was becoming sick. Listen to your body. My body kept warning me for the coming disaster but I hardly noticed. I was neck-deep in my work life and soon my health became much worse and I had to take 3 month leave from work so I can recuperate. I have severe deficiencies and I am taking medications for it but it’s not enough. My reports show the same status they had last year. Medicines aren’t enough for sure and now that I can eat well, my recovery will get faster. Seriously, when you are sick and you actually pay attention to your body, you will get the signs of what your body requires to get better. Medicines are useful to treat a symptom, it can not and never will get you healthy. Being healthy is living without medication.

I was mentally disturbed during the time when my body was slowly succumbing to sickness. Pay attention to your mental issues and sort them out as soon as possible. if you need time make sure you are paying proper attention to your body. Depression is not a fashion statement. It’s something to talk about and sort out so that you can live a better life. Remember that, there’s always something better. If you ever come across someone who needs help, be genuine, help for real, don’t make them a laughing-stock.

If you need help, ask for it. I did and I received it from people I didn’t think could help. 🙂 Though I find it hard to trust people now, I still give it a try. People can be surprising. Not everyone will understand so be ready for few heart breaks too. Don’t be too trusting. 🙂 It’s one mistake I still make even after being cheated so many times, I am still learning.

At the end of the day, life is pretty freaking amazing and you must enjoy it. You might feel like a screw up now but get stronger, life is stranger then you (or I) know! Life is here to be lived. So let the past be past and future be future. Enjoy the NOW. 🙂 You are given chance at living so, give life a chance to happen to you too. Stop thinking too much and just live. 🙂 

Where art thou? It’s all within you. The great answer that everyone looks for, is You, Know THYSELF.

That’s it for now.


Have a happy day dear ones. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Where art thou? Thoughts on sickness & life…

  1. Listening to one’s body is very crucial and always go for holistic ways for healing your body along with mainstream medicines; these provide long term relief. Take care dear. Lots of healing blessings and love sent your way.😍💐

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick. I was away for a bit myself too, due to personal problems and then some online trolling which didn’t help the depression I suffer. I blogged about it and got such wonderful support from the wordpress community and that’s what you have here too :).
    Depression is a very serious thing. I’m glad you are up to blogging about it. Keep well and I hope you feel better now and everything gets easier.

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 True that… WordPress community is full of really nice and caring people.
      Real depression is not something often talked about because f the hype about it. But talking is much better. 🙂
      I am very sorry though, I have not been online since many days, will read your posts soon.
      Hugz 🙂

      1. That’s fine. I’m behind with all my blogs too :). A hazard of being away lol.
        And yes, talking about it is very good. In fact I’ve found talking about my depression to people therapeutic. Far better than keeping it all bottled up to myself.

        1. haha bottled up inside isn’t nice unless it’s Wine.
          All your blogs? You have more then one? Give me the link please?

          I so not like being away from blogging. Really miss reading cool stuff from you guys and writing… lol

          1. I have tons of catching up to do as well. I fight to have time to write these days, gotta make time to check out all the blogs I follow. It bugs me not being able to do things I like. :/
            Have fun visiting your pals blogs dear…

  3. Thou hath written a good post! So glad you hear that you are feeling better now, I wish you happiness, good health and a great month of writing ahead. 🙂

  4. Glad you are back to writing, even if it only a bit. I’m sorry for your health issues, but I know from having some of my own sometimes we have to take time off and work through our mental or physical health issues. Medications arent always much of a choice though. Sometimes we need them to be our ‘usual self.’ I will most likely be taking mine for the rest of my life. I’m glad they are helping you now and hope you can go off them soon. Prayers for you and much luck as you heal and return to your amazing life. I love your positive outlook!

    1. Sorry to hear that you might have to stay on your medicines for life time… I really began disliking medical treatments and medicines after my this experience, sometimes I feel as though they are only making it worst. Maybe just bad luck. I am glad to be in company of people like you Mandibelle, you are not only a nice writer but also a wonderful person.

      Thanks so much for motivating me and I hope that you remain in good health and wealth. 🙂


      1. Aw, you are sweetheart. I really do wish the best of you. As for medications I have tried so may in the past eight-years. At first my rule was if after two or three weeks I feel worse being on that drug it usually does not work for me. Most drugs I tried if they worked helped pretty much right away.

        However, the exception is a drug I went into hospital to be on in the summer. It was a hard first couple months but every month there has been improvement for me, especially since November. That is the first medication to do that for me so effectively 🙂 sometimes it is better and helps us more to be on a medication, but not always. The trick is finding out when it is better and when it us worse.

        Best of luck, feel well soon!

        1. Thanks so much Mandibelle. You are right, trick is to find a medicine that’s effective for us. 🙂
          I hope you be better too. I wish you great health and happiness for the whole year.

  5. “Listen to your body.” – You are so so so so so very true! I learned the hard way, too, you know. Years ago I had a bad case of the flu, but I didn’t feel like calling in sick at 7am, so I popped in some fever-suppressing drugs and went to work anyway. But halfway through my day the meds ran ou and I got worse and worse, not once daring to ask to go home early. After that, the flue got 3 times worse and I was bedridden for a full week. The signs were all there, but just like you I didn’t listen and ended up paying the price.
    Nowadays, when I feel a bit uder the weather, I take more rest, drink more fluids and pay more attention to what my body asks for.

    I am happy you’re feeling better and it’s good to have you back in the blogosphere! 🙂

    1. Thanks darling 🙂 I am so sorry that you had to go through a bad health week. It really does feel shitty while your health sucks but sometimes there are lessons there too… Now we take better care of our body. haha

  6. “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” (author unknown). An interesting perspective to consider when one’s world is unpleasant, annoying, frustrating, limiting etc. Keep smiling and let the rest of the world wonder why! 🙂

    1. What a wonderful quote… I have much to be thankful for and I really am grateful for all of it. Let the world wonder… hehe Happens a lot with me but then things tend to get shitty at work. lol though, isn’t that fun? 😉

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