Being Woman in 2016… Empowered much?

International Women’s Day website has been asking to pledge for parity in 2016, so we can accomplish our goal of being equal to men in the next 117 years. 117 YEARS? I can live two lives by then. In 117 years mankind might have accomplished the goal of having a colony on Mars. It’s amazing what could happen in 117 years. Why is it that it would take 117 years to have equal rights for men and women when we have been co-existing since the beginning of humanity?

Pledge for parity…

First, let’s think that International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women. Why isn’t there an International Men’s day? Why do only women need to fight for rights and men have them just like that? So many men are also fighting this fight with men but yet they don’t say much to anything when it comes to women in office. In office environment women are still harassed sexually and mentally by their equals and higher-ups, why? Because they don’t want to lose impression to their seniors either.  In today’s young culture male colleagues in office propose to the women working with them or ask them for sexual favor and if a woman don’t accept then she is treated badly. I mean if a woman says “NO” why is it so difficult to accept? Is that the only thing defining manhood? Sexual comments or talks about other women and spewing bad words about them is a scene in many of the MNCs and Government offices.  Have you ever heard a woman in your office say, “Mr.***** has such a nice ass? Wish I could do him.”

  • When I was employed as an officer in a bank a colleague of mine tried to feel me up and when I talked about it others just shrugged it off and said it happens. When I told my manager he told me to stay clear of that colleague and not talk about it.    ~ Anonymous, 35

Secondly, a woman is the worst enemy of another woman. My office has majority lady staff, almost 75% but if you asked one lady to help other it would take them eons to help and they will speak ill of each other before they do help. They keep stuffing management’s ears with bad things about the other women in staff.  Office politics one would say, but what’s the necessity? So many women like to drag down their own kind so that they can look better in their management’s eyes. Some women who do help are treated as doormats, whenever needed they’ll be contacted and spoken nicely of and when it’s over their reputation goes back to doormatsie thing. Position isn’t good for women who are staffed as management as well because most management positions are held by men, 90% of higher management consists of men in Indian scenario. While they would shield their own daughters, wives and relatives from much work they don’t mind it putting it on another woman.

Your ability and your work speaks  loud and clear for yourself. If licking ass if going to get you anywhere it’s bound to be a bad place. You can lie to others not to yourself and if you do, you lose a part of yourself that makes you, you.

Everyone wants to be employed and stay employed so they say very less about it, keep their calm and think that they’ll move to another job or not care anymore. But till when will it continue?

Women empowerment
Emma Watson is UN ambassador for #Heforshe. Checkout this VIDEO of her speech at the UN.

In MNCs women are now given special security who walks them home from their company cabs when they have late night duty. It’s a good thing that now security is given to woman. But why don’t we need to provide security for men? Never heard that a men was raped in a running bus and thrown out with iron rods inside his body, where he lay half dead with public walking away disgusted after watching him until help came (yes, I am talking about the infamous Nirbhaya case of Delhi, India).

Women Empowerment means nothing until we as humans don’t learn humanity fist.

Women empowerment doesn’t only mean educating and giving them a job. Women empowerment means much more and it extends to the boundaries of men and mixes with it, that’s the horizon where sun and rain meets to make a beautiful rainbow. Woman empowerment means women not having to finishing their work fast only to be given more work at the closing hours which they finish and then rush off to home where they have to cook and clean for their family. I see this one a lot, women doing so much work and then rushing off home to finish house chores. I am lucky enough to have a father who helped my mother whenever he can in cooking, cleaning and growing us up. In my office it is difficult for male colleagues to let the women colleagues go by maximum 6:30 PM and women colleagues are looked down upon because they leave the office by 7 PM or 8 PM whilst the men sit till 9, sitting there talking and eating snacks from the nearby shops doing work lazily because food will be ready at home when they get there. I hate that but that’s how it is. Sitting till late is a statement of one’s loyalty towards their work here.

Women who stay at home are called jobless or people who do not contribute to the economy of their country, uhuh? really? There’s new trend of stay at home men, which isn’t what they are called, they are called, “Stay at home dads”, as in men who chose to take care of their kids instead of having that white collar job in a big company. Why can’t women have that freedom? Why are stay at home “moms” called jobless and someone who lives on their partner’s money (i.e. a dependent)?  I am asking a lot of questions, there’s tons more that I haven’t even begun to disucss and if you have answers I am all ears.

So will parity come here? For real? When will it come? I don’t have much of an answer. Parity will come when women won’t require security guards to walk home and men will respect a woman. I pledge for parity today with hopes that the day won’t be too far when women and men are equals in every aspect of life.  Women empowerment will be accomplished when women can finally walk out of their offices by 7 PM without anyone thinking ill of them and when they will be able to stay late in office without having to worry who will feed their kids and what will their in-laws think.

Let’s Pledge for parity today. Men and women, we all need to stand together. We shine better that way.

Head over to the International Women’s Day website and sign up. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Being Woman in 2016… Empowered much?

  1. “Why isn’t there an International Men’s day?” – That’s exactly what I’ve been asking myself since I heard there’s an International Women’s Day.
    Anyway (as usual) I am all with you on this. I don’t get why women have to prove themselves ten times over to achieve the same things that are so normal for men. I don’t understand why we are still being portrayed as the “weaker gender” while in fact there IS no weaker gender: we need men and women equally. What men lack, women have more of and vice versa. It’s not who gets to be the boss, it’s about balance and respecting each other. If we *only* get 117 more years to figure that out on a global scale, I’m afraid it might not be enough.

    1. You have said everything perfectly true. The only thing we all want is to live with peace and love, so why do we keep fighting.. I am afraid it might not be enough too. 117 Years is pretty long time and looking at the world right now, it makes me feel like it might be more then that. :/

      1. Maybe the world will never change, maybe it will change sooner than we think. Who knows? The only thing we can do is keep on trying and giving it our best shot 🙂

  2. Awesome post. I think half of the problems will get sorted only if women will start treating each other with respect. Then we can beat men about it all we want.
    It’s going to take time and I’m happy for that because better late than never. 🙂
    Still, 117 years is a LOT of time.

  3. Your words are just so powerful, Hema! I could not agree with you more! This world is such a difficult one to exist in, and more so for women. I have been married for 32 years and I sitll to this day am doing my best to break my husband’s habit of putting women down. His view about women is terrible and I attribute that fact to his upbringing and the job he had where he was surrounded by tough males. I’m right there next to fighting the good fight!!! <3

    1. 🙂 Sad to hear that you have to put a fight with your husband about how women are treated… Maybe at times it must seem funny. Since he s the man you love.

      Thanks for the lovely comment dear. Means a lot to me, keeps me faithful in my writing. 🙂

      Hugs. God bless.

      1. It’s his general attitude that women are somehow less then men. Believe me, when he treats me like that he knows it. I don’t tolerate it. 😉 He’s a product of his upbringing and this world. I don’t judge him, nor do I hold it against him. One day he will realize what I have been saying. I have faith!! 🙂

  4. What a phenomenal piece! Emma Watson is a remarkable candidate for #HeForShe … I always think about women who are being sexually assaulted, but I sometimes forget that men are also sexually abused. This piece reminded me of the grand scheme of things and how important things get overlooked.

    thank you so much for sharing this and reminding me of the ongoing plight to end gender inequality and ‘gender norms’

    keep well *hugs*

    1. Gender equality is needed not only for females but males as well… I loved what Emma said in the speech at UN. It isn’t everyday that a young woman of her stature goes out and says something about being equal to her fellow males…

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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