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Wonderful Animation Short Film That Don’t Fail To Make One Smile…

Animation short film began in the early age of animation, in fact it can be said that it’s where the birth of animation happened. Since our childhood we love animated objects on screens and they become our friends as we grow up. Animated characters become out heroes or villains, someone we look up to or someone we don’t want to be. We would argue with anyone who says otherwise.

As busy adults we break away from our childhood love, we start thinking I am a grown up now and watching these movies is childish. Nothing is sadder than that. Our daily jobs, personal chores keep us so busy we keep putting off the movies and books for later on. Yet, there are times when we need a hearty laugh or something to ponder on. So, here’s my top favorite short animation movies for those who are too busy for a full movie.

  1. The Lady And The Reaper
    Hand down I have seen this film more than few hundred times since it’s release in 2009. Made by Javier Racio Garcia in 2009 this film went on to win the GOYA Award for its creator.

    the lady and the reaper. animation short film
    Image (Fubiz) Laughter! It never gets old.

    PLOT: It’s about a lonely woman living in the countryside and yearns for her dead husband. It seems as though death would be a pleasure for her, yet another adventure with her beloved in the afterlife. One such evening, she falls asleep and soon she dies. A reaper appears, takes the hand of the dead woman’s soul and they walk to enter the afterlife. But… Soon the lady wakes up on a hospital bed with an award-winning doctor grinning for having saved her life. The offended reaper takes the lady’s life again and runs with her soul… So begins the hilarious chase of life and death for the lady’s life between the reaper and the doctor.

    Watch it here: The Lady & The Reaper

  2. PapermanMade in 2012 this short film went on to win an academy award for “The Best Animated Short Film” at the 85th Academy Awards.
    paperman animation short film
    Image (DeviantArt. by Getahugo)

    PLOT: Story of our lives. Boy meets girl. Love at first sight. Call it what you want but this black and white animated short film will make you wish a lot many things once you start watching it.
    A man working at a boring paper filing job meets a girl as the papers fly out of his hands at the railway station. One paper sticks on the girls face and it get’s her lip marks on it. Seeing this the girl smiles, the guy looks at what happened, speechless. Her train approaches, she gets on it and the guy realizes he has lost the chance for sure now. In his office, he isn’t so interested in working today. Suddenly he sees the same girl in the opposite building. Happy to have a second chance at love, he gives it his all.

    Watch it here: Paperman

  3. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
    It’s a gem of a short film for  the lovers of written words. Directed by William Joyce and Brandon Oldberg in 2011…

    animation short film
    The movie has won many awards for its unusual animation story and style. Image (CloudFront)

    PLOT: Mr. Moriss’s life turns upside down when suddenly one day a tornado hits his town and he loses his house as well as books. His sadness becomes dull the moment he approaches a large house and sees a lady fly out of it. The lady sees the sadness in his eyes and sends her treasured companion (a book) his way. The book gives a warm welcome to Mr. Moriss and so begins the adventures of Mr. Moriss with his books.

    Wach it here: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

  4. French Roast
    Another Academy Award nominee and winner of ANIMA award created by French animator Fabrice O.Hubert in 2011.

    French roast. animation short film
    Image (Blog spot)

    PLOT: Hilarity ensues when an upper-class man sipping his coffee in a cozy warm cafe can’t find his wallet and he begins trying different things to save himself from embarrassment. There’s a burglar, a police, cafe owner & a wonderful man who lives on the streets. Watch this anime for its wonderful computer graphics and some unexpected lessons.

    Watch it here: French Roast

  5. Tsumiki No Ie` (The House of Small Cubes)
    Talking about animation how can we forget Japan? This wonderful anime short was made in Japan in 2008 by Kunio Katō.

    Animation short film. Tsumiki No ie
    Image (AnimeVigil)

    Plot: The movie follows an old man’s daily routine as he lives in an ever sinking town. He has to keep building his way up to stay dry. One day he loses his prices possession. Will the lonely man ever find a companion again? Why does he keep living there? Leave the thinking for later, watch the movie.

    Watch it here: Tsumiki No Ie`

  6. Geri’s Game
    Made in 1997 this animation went on to win an Academy Award just like Paperman. Old is gold, eh?

    animation short film. geri's game
    Image (Project spitfire DeviantArt)

    PLOT: Geri is an aging codger. His hobby is to play chess in the park. We see one day when Geri is fighting to win against an opponent like no other, a true lover of chess, himself. He plays the game diligently but still falls into a confusing position. Looking like today won’t be his day after all.

    Watch it here: Geri’s Game

  7. Wasurenagumo
    Wasurenagumo aka little spider girl was made in 2012 as part of the “Young Animator Program.” Four short animations were selected under this program and wona hefty 38 Million from the government of Japan as part of its cultural development.
    Short animation film. Anime. Japan. WasurenagumoSuzuri, book shopkeeper in Kokomondu has a hired hand Mizuki (Grand daughter of the land owner) who keeps the bookshelves clean. One day Mizuki accidently let’s a little spider girl escape from a sealed book. Mizuki is scared but helpful when Suzuri becomes awed by the little spidey. The little spider girl yearns for home which becomes the beginning of a search for Mizuki and Suzuri.Unfortunately it isn’t on YouTube but you can find it on websites specially for anime.

Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.
~ Glen Keane
Animation short film are gems. Let’s enjoy them.

I hope you will have fun watching some of the animation short film or all. I will be back again with some more interesting choice of animated short film from all over the world next time.

See ya!

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