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Work Life. Working Towards An Early Grave? Are We?

Work life takes up almost 8-10 and sometimes 12-14 hours of my life. I often sit at my desk and while my fingers are tirelessly going on at the keyboard my mind wanders off onto the balcony of my room. Suddenly it’s morning again and I can hear the birds chirp and have some tea in the company of my running mom and dad.

I have a family of working people, we all pinch for time with each other. I will surely hate such a married life where both of us are running around doing mind-boggling tasks for an employer who will replace us without a blink. Such is working life. Times are tough too, we have to do something to sustain our lifestyle. Plus, being entirely dependent on other will be quite boring perhaps?

Many European countries are facing problems with Government funds because decades ago people used to retire early, like in their 40s or 50s and there are not enough young people. Holly Molly, they were so busy in work life they even forgot to make babies?

In the vast and fast life, every day is passing by so quickly before you know it it’s already a New Year. When you are happy time flies by easy, without us noticing it. How many times does it actually happen? How many times time just flies by because we are busy with stuff? Stuff like our jobs, transits, things we keep planning for but not do etc.

Sad rice panda.. Work life

Now Government is thinking of making the retirement age 62-68. Whew! I am surely retiring early to being a self- employed person have a cubicle job so I’ll be fine I guess but what about the inny-minny monkeys hanging from the roofs fixing all the roofs and windows? What about the tiny waist air hostesses? Plus have you people seen today’s old people in our industry? People above 50 are already bored and sick of their job. They can not wait to retire! Monotony kills people before old age can. Learning new thing? Nuh-huh!

Young generation today, do not just want to work. No one should. But that doesn’t mean we can not sustain ourselves in our old age by still being productive. With anΒ increase in life span expectancy, we have to get ready to face the longer work life as well. Β So Government, do what you like. πŸ™‚

Work life is like that Royal Bengal Tiger “Richard Parker” in the novel “Life of Pi”. We have to learn to live with it and do it in style like our “Piscine aka Pi” and when the time comes we must let go.

the Good news is, In today’s time having a work life without being employed by someone is surely possible.

22 thoughts on “Work Life. Working Towards An Early Grave? Are We?

  1. I recently retired after 45 years in the telecommunications sector. I can’t say I was ever bored with my job because it was always changing with technology. I was however glad to finally retire because I had reached the point where I felt I deserved to have my time for my self and my family. I also found that I had personal values that the current senior managers in the company didn’t have or understand. So I went πŸ™‚

    Retirement opens up so many avenues that were closed by the needs of work. Now I can blog more, get out and photograph more and pursue some of my other hobbies and interests more fully. I can also do some of those essential household chores (possibly) πŸ˜‰ I’ve reclaimed my freedom from the demands of industry πŸ™‚ When you’re ready to retire you will know!

  2. @Hemangini most days I like my job. My mother is retired. Sometimes I look at her and wonder what would I do when I’m retired. I fear that I would be so bored in the house. But, with the way society is going I may not have to worry about retirement and will be working until I die. Great post! Liked the pic of the rice ball panda.

    1. Most days I also like my job and I don’t ever want to retire as well. But I also want to do things that make me largely happy, so I want to change. Thanks for the comment dear. I hope you will have a lovely work life and that you don’t ever get bored. πŸ™‚ By the way, retirement isn’t that boring, my dad just retired and he is very active.

        1. TV definitely needs to be ditched and nature should be embraced. My father goes on 1-2 hour walks by the beach almost every other day. Balance is not easy and I don’t think I’ll find it in this lifetime (LOL). Nudge your mom to do other things, get her a library card or a dog or make her volunteer at local help centers (that’s one thing that India is lagging behind in so fewer opportunities) etc. You know πŸ˜‰ Just make life more fun for her, maybe you can also take part with her to encourage her. Okay I am making this comment too long. Have fun Stacy πŸ™‚

  3. I was a teacher for most of my working life and would love to still be doing that, but no school will hire someone my age. Teaching is exhausting and many people burn out of the profession very early, long before retirement, seeking other employment opportunities.

    I think the key to preventing burn out is to find something that makes you feel like a worthy person. For me, it’s volunteering to help others, and I keep trying to fit in more of that. There is always someone who needs a hand one way or another, and the joy I feel when that person is able to live with more ease in what is often a stressful life helps reduce the stress in my own.

    I also love to write and it takes up a huge part of my life. But more than any of these is being with my family, the people who make my life truly worth hanging around for. I’m a lot older than you, you’re still at the beginning (though obviously very insightful and accomplished) so my perspective is different. I hope you don’t have to hang around that cubicle until you retire, I hope you find something to do that fulfills your destiny with more passion.

    1. I would love to do volunteer and travel as much as I want to but the thing is my job takes up most of my time. Our managers tend to like it if we stay at work for 10-14 hours instead of 7-9. As you know Indian Public banks are under tremendous pressure to include every Indian in the banking services. Many Indians are illiterate and those who are learned also don’t understand most of the thing. So all day you have to accommodate the customers first and then finish your work and also the work that the customers brought all day, plus we are understaffed and many co-workers don’t like to work. So those who do like to do their work are the ones under pressure. So I am having a tough time now since I am getting busier in my personal life too. Work through Monday to Saturday and on Sunday help mom with house as she is also in Banking, so is my sister whose toddler comes to my home on weekends. So I end up with mostly no time to unwind. So sometimes I end up acting crazy and out of control which I don’t like.

      Writing is my way of having fun and it makes me happy. So I try to find time to write on here and sometimes in my journals. I am thinking of changing my job since I feel that I need to find something else that makes me happy and don’t take up more than 8-10 hours of my day as I would like to spend more time with my family, read and do some other things on side. It’s no fun this way, all work. So is my thinking.

      I love how you talked about your profession as a teacher. It feels great to be able to love what you do, loving something you do as a job makes you never want to retire. I don’t want to retire and especially don’t want to feel anger towards my subordinates(which I usually end up feeling about the managers as they tend to ask for work from those only who are udner a pile of it already just because they know they will do it). I would like to read more of your blog to find out about your adventures as a volunteer and life after retirement.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes and love, it made my day. Have a wonderful Sunday and lots of fun Sharon. πŸ™‚ See you

  4. it’s really tough to sit in a cubicle for more than 10-12 hours.. and the work life starts at the age of 21-22 and no retirement if you are in a corporate field.. there could be people finding their own varieties and making the work life enjoyable. for the rest of the population , it is really boring..

    1. I love working as my desk job requires conversations with people but 8-12 hours are taking a toll on me. I can’t think of working untill retirement, I am planning to jump the boat early and go exploring. hehe Sounds like a fantasy right now. You are also in a corporate job, right?

          1. Haa, relaxed! A word I would love to utter. Must feel great not having to answer a boss and office-office game… hehe I am working with a Public sector bank right now, quite hectic these days. May I ask what’s your passion?

          2. sounds so much fun then regular job… I hope you have much more fun in this and grow in it… πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful 2017 sweetheart. Wish you all the best & lots of fun. …

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