Awhile ago I received an advice,“Write every day”. There’s nothing new here, it’s an age-old advice. It’s still great because it’s true. I agree, writing on daily basis is exceptionally helpful to budding writers like me. It helps you increase your vocab and learn new things. It teaches you to break off from laziness and write stuff, stuff that matters to you.

Perhaps writing stories become easier as you go on, your mind develops a fluidity and words flow. Whenever I am writing something with continuity I can feel the words flowing like a river but as soon as I skip a day or two it stops. Then I have to force myself to write and do it till I can feel the flow again. I have been blogging for a year and three months now and I have not written 100 posts by now nor do I have thousands of followers. Makes me look like a lazy person and I become one time to time. Just so you know, I love my blog and adore writing here being around people who write/take photos/share their thoughts is awesome. I am sorry for not being more punctual.

Write Every Day. Enid Bagnold

Writing is addictive.

If you want to hone your writing skills writing every day is really useful. Take a picture or quote and turn it into a short story. Story writing is really fun, especially when you love to hear from others or experience it yourself. In many cases, Writing every day isn’t possible. In my own case, I have a full-time job which takes about 11-12 hours of my daily life, 6 hours sleep, 2-3 hours house chores and 2-3 hours spent doing trivial things or being indolent. I write when I feel like, I don’t write daily but I think it’s an advice meant for me. Despite having things to deal with daily, it’s something I must find time for. It might be different for people who are already published and have manuscripts they need to edit, for them “write every day” may not be as important.

So here’s my only objective for this quarter of 2016, write more.

There will be more posts in the coming months. Also hoping to be more active on the blogosphere. Miss you all.

How about you? Do you yearn to write but struggle to find time for it? Does it drive you mad at times? Tell me in comments.