Writing = Therapist. Why writing is good for your health?


Noun | Ther.a.pist | \’Ther-a-pist\ 

A therapist is a person who is trained to treat an illness without use of drugs or surgery.

A therapist can be anyone and anybody just like Batman! It’s more of an idea to heal people of something that works because we believe it will. Just like Coffee in the grim hours of evening when you are about to leave from the work after working an extra hour and you are given one more pile of tasks to complete so that employer can feel better the next morning, give me some coffee aaaarrrgggh. To some its coffee, tea, a cigarette, music, a walk or more work etc, we all have our poisons. I just curse and make faces and get back to work so I can finish it fast and go home. Thankfully I have writing for the few hours of the week, where I can totally be myself and do something I like, even if it’s just the doodle of a funky looking frog which was meant to be a dog. I don’t know how I do it, I believe I am just a gifted artist.

Writing is my therapist and only now I am finding that writing is a subject of research and many scientists believe that writing is a boon for those who scribble. Although scientists recommend writing in a certain manner in a certain quite place and a journal, I have followed none of it till date but I can speak for myself that writing is really important to those who are really in need of someone who would listen to them, those who are going through some emotional trauma or difficult situation in life and so on. Even if you are living  a happy life keeping a journal of it might help you tell your story better to your own self.

To quote our best-est friend in literature, To thy own self, be true.

Shakespeare had his own fights with himself as well as the world around him and it reflects in his writing. He lived in a century where speaking for yourself was rather rare and he spoke his mind through his plays. I can’t imagine how it must have been for him, we are two centuries far apart but one thing brings us close, our love for the written words. In no way I would ever be able to write something that stands the test of times like Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays have but still I find that pretty calming since I am not writing this to compare myself to him but rather make it clear that we write to make better sense of what is in our head.

You can read this journal page about Dr.Pennebaker’s research on effects of writing to heal yourself. After reading a few of his articles I honestly agree with him that writing is a healing process. What Dr. Pennebaker asks of you is that you write down your deepest feelings about an emotional upheaval (whether it happened today or 20 years ago) for 15-20 minutes a day for four consecutive days. It helps one strengthen their immunity and mental health. It is like working out to help your brain and immune system for just 15-20 minutes a day, that’s a great news. On the other hand we tend to give ourselves the least chance to find out something that bothers us, we like to say, “oh it will be all right, it will go away.” Sometimes things don’t go away and it ends up taking up too much time of our lives before we finally gather ourselves and then we come up with another excuse, “It’s too late for me now.” As if you are 99, on life support, and your kids are counting your last breaths… Let’s be frank, if we talked like that we wouldn’t want to be our own friends.

We like positive posts and words and we like when someone talks positive and we are great at giving positive advice if someone was in distress but when it comes to our own selves we become plain jerks. We would rather think that we can’t do something because we have never done it since the outcome is hazy or unexplained. The outcome of which is NOTHING. Now imagine having a friend who showed you every negative aspect and bad ways that your plan can go, do you want one such friend? I doubt that. So from now on, be good to yourself.

I like journal writing and I recommend it for a few reasons:

  • It helps you put your thoughts into a bigger perspective.
  • It gets rid of and gives shape to what has been brewing inside your mind.
  • It helps you know yourself better.
  • It helps you find out ways to be a better you.
  • It helps you and the ones around you.
  • It strengthens not only your language skills but also your body and mind..
  • Sometimes it even helps you realize your hidden potentials.

Wow, I never actually realized how awesome writing is as an activity and a workout. Just imagine making yourself better with the power of your pen and paper or your keypad and screen. Writing is a fun therapist. It makes us cry and laugh and helps us be better.

One such example is, J K Rowling. She gave her depression a name and a form with DEMENTORS in the Harry Potter series.\De-me-n-tor\

Dark and deadly creatures that feed upon every inch of our happiness and leaves us in despair and sadness. 

Somehow I feel like I have been a dementor to myself and I feel so bad for my former self that she had to deal with all the negativity that I set her up for. Isn’t it wonderful how J K Rowling dealt with her depression and came out clean about it and even put it in her novel? It’s called mad genius that comes only from experience and hunger to get out of the dark pit of self-pity. It even made her into one of the richest woman author in the history of mankind.

Well not everyone needs to become rich in money by writing their way out of the emotional upheaval.  Some of us just needs to be happier and mightier us and writing does help us get there. I keep a secret journal too which doesn’t make it to my blog. It doesn’t have to. It’s for me.

So if you are reading this article and you have been either sad or unclear of yourself then grab a pen and a paper and start writing. Shut up your cellphones and laptops, find your favorite corner and sit and write. Just for a few days for a few minutes give yourself your good company. For once, give yourself some time. 🙂 Be your own therapist.

I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.:) Bless you.

Have fun 🙂

51 thoughts on “Writing = Therapist. Why writing is good for your health?

  1. So agree with your post, Hemangini! Personally, writing is my way of de-stressing. Though my work is also writing. 😀 (Ironic?) Not really. 🙂
    At work, I write because I have to do it. And whenever I get tired of writing for my work, I write for my blog. 🙂

    Thank you for such an informative post! 🙂

      1. When I was a part-time newspaper writer. It was fun. 🙂 I do the research, I do the interview, I write the story.
        Now that I am in Public Relations, it is not quite as fun as in newspaper. 🙂 It’s a desk-based job that is somtimes boring. and the hardest part is when your client is a tech company and they require press releases that are too technical. 🙂

  2. This is such a brilliant post about admitting our insecurities and expressing ourselves, Hemangini. My favourite line is, “we all have our poisons”. So true. We all have that something that we like doing, that something that seems fun and right to us and when we’re doing it, we feel everything is right.

    I used to keep a journal last year and wrote at least 500 words each day. It could be something that happened to me that day, someone I met or a topic that I wanted to write about. I succeeded in doing that for 365 days. This year, I am not doing it but I am writing my book almost everyday. Some days it will be a few paragraphs, other days 1,000 words. My guilty pleasure.

    Love how you touched on the fact that we don’t need to be rich doing what we do. While money is essential to get along in life, sometimes it is the small, mundane every day moments that bring us true happiness 🙂

    1. Wow such a wonderful comment Mabel 🙂
      I am so eager to read your book… You wrote 500 words in your journal everyday? Doesn’t it feel just awesome when you are able to do what you have planned to do?

      Little things like someone’s little thoughtful comment brings us smile too 🙂 Thanks for this sweet comment. 🙂

      1. Yes, 500 words or a bit more each day. Towards the end of last year, it was a struggle to keep up as I also had work and my book to work on, not to mention blogging. But you are so right. I do feel awesome for doing that for a whole year, and feel that I walk away confident I can punch out words with less hesitation.

        No worries, Hemangini. So glad to have discovered your blog. Your words touch us a lot 🙂 <3

        1. ya 500 words a day for a year will surely make you strong enough to believe in yourself and what you write down… That’s actually motivating to me. I’ll try so too. 🙂

          Thanks for the kind words dear 🙂

  3. I used to keep a daily journal when I was in school. I continued it till the first year of college…then, I thought, it’s becoming too risky to keep everything as a written document …:-P

    Writing does help us to vent out the feeling and emotions. It’s a therapist indeed, very well said… 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks Maniparana… You are so right about risky journaling after an age! There’s always someone who wants to know what deep secrets we are writing in it. If only they wrote their own embarrassing secrets too!

  4. Superb!!! And a thumps up for this article. Indeed true and inspiring. Somehow I felt that I was reading thoughts of my own mind. I write to get healed. Certain emotions that I cannot speak I write. I loved loved loved it!!!

  5. What a great post, and so true. I keep a Gratitude Journal that I try to write in every day. It’s always been therapeutic even though sometimes I struggle to find words. I’ve kept one for the past five years. Blogging however is relatively new for me but now that I’ve found it I love it and it’s taken on a new life for me. Thanks again for a wonderful read.

  6. Great post! I love how you’re saying be good to yourself – I totally agree, we are too hard on ourselves a lot of the time. I also agree about writing being therapeutic. I just took a weekend a while ago to just write, write. I felt like I had all these ideas in my head and needed to let them out. A burst of creativity. It felt great! Too bad I have to make time for it, I wish I could spend every day being creative. But no, there’s work… 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 Even I feel bad that I have to make time for my writing instead of doing it full time. Gotta do what I have to do for now 🙂 I wish you best luck, may we get to write full time someday soon.

  7. I have written my daily journal for like 10 years. Its been like 3 years now i haven’t. I will start back. A very nice post.. 🙂 It made me recollect many things. I smiled through reading this. 🙂

  8. Hemagini!
    This is a beautiful and fantastic write up!
    My congratulations YOU.
    What all you have mentioned is absolutely right.
    It is thus a therapist.
    Go read my “Those moments are enough” .
    It does say what you have said.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. this is a great post! I feel exactly the same way when it comes to writing, however I know longer have a journal because my brother went through it once …. reading about how therapeutic writing is has put me into a great mood.

    Enjoy the weekend and bless you xoxo

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