Color Me Green Project

Most of us grow old going to the parks, gardens and picnics to closest wildness to play, breathe the fine air, forget about our worries, freshen up and to be a new you. Yet, most of us all die making ends meet. Now it may sound depressing but we all have that bid singing in our heart. We all have some secret desires to do something before we die just.

We love our forests, we fight development authorities to keep more forest land intact instead of turning it into farming or timber land. In Japan they have this tradition of planting the mountains that they cut for timber, it is their way of giving back to the nature. It also helps their future generations keep going in the same business. But many places do not have the same luck. Thousands of acres of lands become useless over a few years of timbering or development because there is no re-plantation. Many such lands become landfill. Giving back is an option. Will do tomorrow is keeping those lands like that.

A life driven by purpose is much rewarding than a life driven by greed and lust for more.

Everywhere I look there’s equations of “more” taking place. If I can make this one thing work, I will be the happiest. People talk about having more money, a bigger house, a larger pay-check all so they can fulfill their needs. Buy another cellphone, need another TV, need to shop for new things. Need to go to the latest concerts and movies and what not. While I love doing all this I am saving up already to make this dream come true. Even though the required amount is huge and lands are costlier, I pinch every penny wherever I can to grow a fund. Everywhere I look I see sad pair of eyes on young faces, the need to be validated and the hunger to be more.

 Anne Frank, Diary of A Young Girl.

Very well, so here’s your invitation to do more, be more then yourselves and give back.

Most of us dream of doing unfathomable things, some of us succeed. Just like that Color Me Green is THE project of my life.

I want to leave something behind for a generation that appreciates greens. A jungle. Not for my off springs but everyone… I want to create a jungle. I want a huge place for the most wonderful animals who are suffering because of our greed for more place, more houses, more investment, more money… more. makes me wanna puke when people tell me to earn and save up so  I can buy a home, a good car, take loans n settle down n live d life  I dreamed of. Uhmm… Well that’s not my dream. My dreams are much vivid n full of life. They do not have four walls anywhere in them.

Hnery David Thoreau Color Me Green Project My Petridish


Color Me Green started with a little thought I had after watching a movie called, ‘Miss.Potter’. I believe that movie to be a masterpiece on the life of Beatrix Potter. Since then she is my favorite author. Yep, J. K. Rowling is on 3rd place actually.

In that Movie, Beatrix Potter buys a home in Hill Top at Lake District. The house is attached to a big farm land and she decides to keep the farm working. So, in this beautiful place she started writing & painting again. Furthermore she married the man who sold her the home. Meanwhile she buys more land in auction and ‘Preserves’ the land from becoming a mall or hotel or apartment by keeping it in its actual state. Best of all, when she died she donated the land to the people. The beauty of lake District is an example and set for many movies. For all I know I have never heard of any such exemplary donation in my life yet.

Thus I came to the decision of doing something similar in any place where I live. I do not know weather I can do so near a city place. Reasons being, the city land is costlier and I am just making ends meet. Hence, I want to buy a land somewhere little farther from the city, even if it is becoming barren. Plant seeds, plants until the place becomes green. That is my idea of leaving something behind.

If I get the amount for the project what will I do?

Once I get the full budget I will purchase as much land as I can and start with the 1st monsoon. No, the land is not for me. Strictly not. Buy the land- reforest the whole area – leave it be – donate it to the world for a better future. That is about it to my idea. You are more than welcome to give me inputs on this one.

Horses Color Me Green Project My Petridish

What’s in it for you?

Oxygen, lots of greenery. That’s about it. Every penny counts, I appreciate every bit of donation that goes towards this project. Just like my favorite author Beatrix Potter, I want to preserve the lands and our bond to it. Obviously, all the donors names will be included in the history of this forest.

How to donate? 

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PS: Whatever you donate to me will be used to grow this blog and reach out more people along with starting a saving fund for this Color Me Green Project. Every penny counts. Meanwhile, if you can not support by money, help me spread the talk about this cause. Share this post as many times as you can.  I look forward to your kind support.

Why I am looking for donations?

Because this is huge task. Buying a land is costly as hell here in India or anywhere else. Just to buy a land I will require about $800,000 to $10,00,000. My savings right now don’t even count. Hence this funding process. Once I set my blog good enough or get full time for this project, I will get this on crowd-source websites too.

PSS: If nothing, wish for my success. 🙂 Thank you for reading.